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The 16th AESO YA Conference: In Search Of Well-Being in Liminality: No Longer-Not Yet, will take place between 5-8th April 2022 in Istanbul.

For the presenters, registration is free of charge. There is an option to register and attend as a non-presenter participant at the conference. However, there will be a fee for this type of attendant. AESOP YA members will be exempt from fees in certain activities. Therefore, we highly recommend that people from the urban planning community be members of AESOP YA! If you are already a member of AESOP YA, participation in some activities as a non-presenter will be free of charge.

The first step of the registration process for the audience is to fill out the survey; The survey is prepared for those who want to participate in the conference as a non-presenting participant (the audience). According to the preferences of the person, the amount to be paid will be determined. As the survey is submitted, a payment plan and information about the payment process will be sent via e-mail (

After the payment step, your registration will be qualified as a non-presenter participant. The time  payment is made, the registration will be completed. After the survey is finished, a personal email is to be sent which explains the payment procedure step by step. 

Following the registration process;

–    For online participants, a link to the conference will be ensured. 

–    For in-person participants, the conference entrance cards will be ensured by the registration desks. 

Thank you for your interest in the conference.

Regarding the registration difficulties you have encountered, you can find some key points to solve the problem in the explanations given below:

  • Please be sure that you completed your registration from the following website:
  • It is recommended to use either the browsers of Chrome or Firefox on a computer and not on a mobile phone.
  • If there are still some technical issues you try to cope with, you can contact the Coordination Team of YA via
  • We would like to remind you that the registration of the website is accepted within 7-10 days. Acceptance means that your profile is activated.
Registration fees
for non-presenter participants


The deadline extended until 1st of March, 2022. Submissions will be sent to the conference mail address. Please take into consideration the guidelines of journals which are Planning Theory, Megaron and PlaNext. The word limit, sections of papers need to be compatible with the expectations of the journals. Also, participants should attend the criteria of AESOPYA 2022 selected papers that are originality and innovativeness of research, contribution to Planning Theory, relevance to the conference theme, clarity of research argument and methodology, overall scientific quality.

Full paper submission is not compulsory to attend the conference for accepted abstracts; however, the best paper selection will be among the full paper submissions which are eligible to be awarded.

Please follow our website and social media accounts in addition to check your e-mails.